Mr. Collipark is a rap and bass music mogul and legend. There's no real other way to look at it. He's been there since midtempo bass music exploded in Atlanta over 15 years ago and he's been a part of some of the biggest rap club records maybe ever. He personally fostered the development and curation of Soulja Boy, arguably the first rap artist to ever blow up via the Internet. He's made anthems that will be played in clubs and sporting events possibly for the rest of forever. Personally, his sound was the main reason I stopped exclusively DJing underground hip-hop and electronic stuff and started incorporating big popular club records into my DJ sets. And now, after being behind the scenes for a handful of years, he's re-emerged. Aligning himself with the today's twerk-influenced EDM sound, Collipark appears focused, grateful, and still hungry.

You've always maintained an incredible impulse of dance music and the club in your music to me. Is that something you've always intended to get across in your productions and why?
I come from a bass music background. We called it bootyshake in Atlanta. The era of 2 Live Crew, DJ Magic Mike, Clay D etc. It's in my DNA.

You've got songs that are club anthems at this point for the rest of forever basically. "Wobble" though, that's made it all the way to weddings to high school dances with epic line dance type levels. I can honestly tell you as a working DJ, I'm good with never getting a request for it ever again (haha), but how does it feel to know you're music has transcended time, trends, sounds, ideals, etc like this?
I can't even describe the feeling I get when I'm out somewhere and "Wobble" or "Halftime" comes on and I'm standing in the middle of thousands of people dancing to my music. They have no idea the guy who produced it is standing right in the crowd. It's a blessing that God gives any person the ability to make a large group of people feel joy.

What is your favorite beat/song you've ever done, and why?
My favorite beat is "Whistle While You Twerk" because it basically set the tone for me as a producer and it started a sound that's still considered as the first "twerk" record by many to this day.

We've covered both of your recent forays into "EDM" with your collaborations with Meaux Green and D!RTY AUD!O. We're basically dying to know what about this sound got you going and inspired and how those collaborations came together and how they went down.
When I saw the resurgence of twerk, I just really did the research and found it was coming from the EDM side. It wasn't coming from the "hood." I then reached out to the Ying Yang Twins to do a mixtape since we played such a large role in the original movement. We then did a mixtape, Ass In Session. The guys over there suggested we let some up and coming producers remix a few of the songs. That's how I met D!RTY AUD!O. I reached out to Meaux Green after that and we just clicked. Those guys are so dope to me. I want to work with guys who embrace the sound no matter how famous they are or may not be. You're going to see me working with a lot of producers you may have never heard of in the near future.

Are there some other collaborations on the way? Can name any names on things we can expect?
I did a record with Mayhem for Waka Flocka and I have a collaboration with a new DJ crew out of Atlanta called Robotic Beatbox and JSTJR featuring Cutty Ranks. I'm also looking to work with DJ Chuckie.

Definitely seems to be an interesting connection between dance music and rap right now. The list is really kind of getting endless as to who is stepping in the ring on this one. What do you think are the most noteworthy aspects of this current marriage of musical styles?
A lot of EDM DJs look up to the hip-hop artists and the hip-hop artists want access to the big crowds and money that comes with EDM. It's that simple I think.

Do you have a favorite producer you've come across since you started messing with this EDM thing?
My favorite EDM producer that I've come across is Diplo. I haven't met him yet, but he seems to have a grasp on the history of my style of music. I can tell by listening to the elements in his tracks. He's no new jack! Hopefully we can work together soon.