The Jersey club sound is no longer restricted to the Garden state. The sound has traveled the entire world and then some. Producers from around the world are taking the sound in every single possible direction. One name who's been keeping doing his own thing is Fluke Nukes. The 22-year-old St. Louis-residing producer has been filling up his SoundCloud with free goodies for about a year as he explores Jersey club, future beat, and trap soundscapes with a flair and taste for modern radio-ready hip-hop.

Sampling and remixing the likes of Drake, Ray J, Kid Ink, Trey Songz, and T-Pain, Fluke Nukes has caught the attention of a few different touring DJ names including Falcons. Now we're loving his latest, a new take on Chris Brown that brings a Cashmere Cat-meets-Trippy Turtle-meets-Eurodance-meets-radio-ready R&B style with flair.