So, this is what post-Macklemore rap sounds like in 2014? Though we admittedly don't know too much about Bliss n Eso—except that they seem to be pretty popular in Australia—they somehow managed to get Nas to not only contribute a feature verse, but also appear in the video, for their song "I Am Somebody." 

If that sounds like a terribly corny sounding song, that's because it is. 

To be honest, it's not even the worst song we heard today. But we just can't understand why or how one of the greatest of all time wound up on it. And we definitely dont' know why he'd be wearing a shirt that makes it looks like he's wearing a neck brace. 

It's cool and all that rap is a global force now, but we're not gonna co-sign what sounds like the Nickleback of Rap with cheesy uplifting anthems that might as well be used to sell fizzy soft drinks with way too much sugar. 

It leaves us to wonder, who do we blame for this song happening? Here's a list of suspects:

  1. Nas -For thinking this song would be the 2014 "I Can." 
  2. White people - Because it's cool to blame white people for things in posts so commenters can get all indignant and then try to get away with saying something slightly racist themselves.
  3. Macklemore - Even if Bliss n Eso were out before Macklemore, Macklemore's success might have convinced Nas it was a good idea to collaborate with these guys
  4. T.I. - For rapping next to Australians like Iggy Azalea and looking so cool, possibly convincing Nas he could do the same. 
  5. Australia - For existing. Don't tread on me bruh!
  6. President Obama - Because you know the GOP and Fox News are already cooking up ways to blame him. 
  7. Mel Gibson, Hugh Jackman, Chris Hemsworth, Nicole Kidman, Paul Hogan, and other prominent Australian celebs - It just feels like the right thing to do. 

Blame whoever you like while we go stab our ear drums with an ice pick and roofie ourselves to forget this ever happened. 

You know who we really feel bad for though? Danny Brown

[via YouTube]

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