Producers like ANDRU. don't come around very often.  He's young, attractive, kind, talented, diverse, and incredibly marketable.  He's also flying below most people's radars, as the one thing that he honestly doesn't have a handle on is promotion. There's no giant PR firm to help guide him through the motions on how to package and push tunes, nor does he have a giant list of press outlets to help bolster his numbers.  The blessing in disguise is that his results and support are completely organic, and that those that are in the know are watching a monstrous producer grow and evolve before the mainstream gets their hands on him.  We posted a half a dozen freebies from him last month, but he's already released a four-pack of heat free download since then, all of them melodic bass opuses.  The music he's making is deeper and better than most we get our hands on, and for a college kid that's just doing this for fun to land in the 99th percentile is fun to watch.  Snag the wares below and give this guy a follow if you haven't.  He's got a bright future ahead of him.