50 Cent kicked it all off when he visited Hot 97 and called former G-Unit members Tony Yayoand Lloyd Banks hypemen for Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave. He argued it wasn't a shot, but if it wasn't then we don't want to know what is. Childish Gambinotook to Twitter this week to air out his grievances with his record label after the video for his song "Sweatpants" dropped and wasn't what he expected. 

Wu-Tang Clan had the biggest issues this week. News broke that Raekwon is "on strike" from the group because he's not happy with their new single, "Keep Watch." And Clan associate Andre Johnson (also known as Christ Bearer) attempted to commit suicide by castrating himself and jumping off a balcony.

It wasn't all bad this week though. Pharrell had an amazing interview with Oprah Winfrey where he spoke about his humble beginnings, the love he has for his wife, and he shed a couple tears after seeing the impact his hit "Happy" has made. Check out all that and more on What The Hell Just Happened In Music This Week?.

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