Album: Bobby

Two years after Digital Underground had the whole world doing "The Humpty Dance," newlywed Bobby Brown led off his third studio album, Bobby, with this heart-warming ode to the sanctity of his marital vows. (Actually it was a rump-shaking house-quaking denial of infidelity aimed at a lady who doesn't trust her man and loaded with threats to leave her just because she dared to question his sincerity.)

Evoking images of camels in the desert, "Humpin' Around" may be the most awkward euphemism for "fuckin around" ever devised, but let's not forget how much America loves a dumb dirty joke. This song went to No. 3 on the pop charts and the album went double platinum, so it looks like Bobby, L.A. and Babyface had the last laugh on this one. Rob Kenner