Album: Finally and The Rugrats Movie Soundtrack

Let's get real: If you were over the age of 13, "Take Me There" sounded like four minutes of a detailed climax. Come on, "Where we go/Nobody knows/And what we do/Is between me and you." Right, definitely about a fantasy place...for kids.

The underlying innuendos coupled with the fact that Bad Boy's finest—Ma$e—was on a Rugrats soundtrack song makes it laughable, and pretty fucking weird. He went from rapping about getting his girl karats till she feels like a rabbit, to breaking down the Rugrats crew with a cadence that makes them sound harder than the Crips. Then again, Crips don't get scared like Chucky.

There's also Blackstreet, who popped off after their single "Booti Call" and rapped about bagging up "playettes" on "No Diggity," who seem to have found a new lane of -ettes to sing about, and they are toddlettes. And isn't this Blinky Blink's best known verse? On the Rugrats Movie soundtrack? We'll let that one speak for itself. —Lauren Nostro