Taylor Bennett's Mainstream Music project is set to drop on May 4, and today Taylor teases his fans with his new song, "New Chevy." Taylor links up with fellow Chicago MC, King Louie, for this one, as both artist's adjust to the soothing production nicely.

The song has an old school feel to it, and only becomes more epic once Louie begins dropping his intense bars. By intense, we mean Louie spitting, "Do drugs, do me let's get crazy. In my Chevy with his lady, she plays songs like a disc jockey, I send her home with her breath cocky." Proving the point that Louie is really too nice behind the mic, no matter what kind of beat is in his way. 

If you didn't know, Taylor is Chance The Rapper's brother, and while they share similarities musically, it will be interesting to see if Taylor can create his own lane with his upcoming project.

Listen to the song below.

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