Smoke DZA took a unique approach on his new album Dream.ZONE.Achieve by splitting it into three different segments, or acts as they're titled on the project. In an interview with VladTV, DZA explains the reasoning behind this break down.

"I wanted to give people a different feeling," he says. "Three times, in three different segments." Smoke DZA describes "Dream" as his come-up in the game and "ZONE" as a symbol of his hustle. For "Achievement," well, that's pretty self-explanatory. DZA breaks it down even more though, highlighting specific tracks that fit into his themed-album. "It was a dream to actually work with Cam['ron] and have Cam on my album," he says of "Ghost of Dipset," a record featured in the "Dream" segment.

Watch the full clip above, where DZA also talks about how deep his new album is compared to previous releases. Dream.ZONE.Achieve is available now on iTunes.

[via VladTV]

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