We've been looking to Italy's Luckybeard for years for that European perspective on bass music, and they've delivered every time.  Though they've been slow on the releases this year, there's valid reason.  Label manager Stabber also has his hands in the curation and management for CIAO Records as well, and has been doing the damn thing pushing tunes from Crookers, Hybrid Theory, and Raymond Lam.  But as Luckybeard has been pivotal to the career of artists like Stabber, Distal, and Anubi, we were souped to see that they had a new release on their hands, and that the gears were shifting back for a moment.

Their latest is from Rome's Sine One, an artist that has matured musically in the best way possible since his last release nearly a year ago.  His latest is a three-track EP simply titled Crackles, a bass-infused release that's truly all over the place.  There's a lazed trap tune, a hyper footwork offering, and the below tune, "Killa Killa."  It's a record with trap vibes and the swing of a twerk tune, but certainly doesn't sit at 100 beats per minute, or 75 for that matter.  It's different than anything we've heard, really fucking cool, and Luckybeard offered it up to us as a free download.  The entire Crackles EP is also available for free for a limited time if you click the purchase link below… snag it while you can.