Last night's season finale of ABC's Scandal was packed with everything from death, bomb scares, sex to election speeches, and well, scandal. We won't spoil anything for you just yet because there's a recap for that, but let's get real: "Scandal" is as hip-hop as a show can get, that is, outside of "Love & Hip Hop."

Can you even imagine if Shonda Rhimes used Chris Brown's "Loyal" as entrance music for when Fitz took the stage last night for his final election speech? Maybe not, but we did, and the only way to truly honor last night's shocking finale is with rap memes.

From Olivia's lying ass father Rowan Pope to the always triflin' Sally Langston, and Olivia and Fitz's nonstop sexual aura, these are your favorite rap lyrics combined with "Scandal."

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