If only a fan of American EDM, the idea of Enchufada's latest track in Volume Three of their Upper Cuts collection - a 112 BPM dembow-based track - would immediately make you think of Dave Nada, Dillon Francis, and moombahton. But if you listen to Lisbon, Portugal's underground kings Rastronaut and Infestus' drunken bass-bin rattler "Borracha Riddim," calling the track's mid-tempo riddim moombahton would ultimately limit its much broader creative influences. Fanciful basslines and futuristic-sounding synths blend with big room rave stabs and Jamaican vocal samples for a track that may have more in common with where UK hardcore blends with a garage party than any particular modern influence in particular. This is definitely worth a listen, if for no other reason than to globalize your mindset and re-define the way in which you hear the world.