We all know the feeling. Colors are brighter, smells are sweeter, songs jam slower, and life seems to ease up just a bit. Yes, that’s right—you are in love. Well, AXE wants you to take that feeling with you from the moment you step out of the shower with its new line of Peace body washes. This is the smell of peace, love and understanding, and it might just have you looking to plant one on a stranger.

Something very similar happened recently to actor-singer Mack Wilds when he stepped out of a limo and into a throng of adoring fans. To see what we’re talking about, check out the new AXE Peace-inspired video spot posted above.

AXE believes we should all “kiss for peace,” but this is more than just a slogan. AXE has partnered with non-profit Peace One Day to spread awareness of the power of love to conquer war with #KissForPeace, a social media driven contest with the grand prize of a trip to Berlin. To learn more about how you can #KissForPeace, click here.