Over the weekend, Madeaux's "Epinphrine" blew me away. He's been an artist that DAD championed early on in our Internets existence, and he's progressed into one of the more forward-thinking producers of the last year or two, IMHO (because what else is my opinion but humble, right?). He's embarking on a new journey, Love The Machine, which is an album that's being spoon-fed to you, which might be for the better. Madeaux's "Revisionist" dwells in this intriguing area; it reminds me of the work of Squarepusher, who'd no doubt have a firm grasp on the jungle/dnb scene, but with so many other influences, he can't just hit button and churn out some derivative drivel and call it "footwork bangerz." He nails a scifi juke/footwork thump early on, but also laces this cut with a beautifully intriguing, jazzy melody that channels a lot of emotion and beauty into a cut that other producers might not even think of injecting. Truly transcendental vibes, I'd say.