So Nappy and I saw this image floating around on Facebook this morning - a photo of someone's relatively unremarkable credit card receipt from a bar. However, what really caught our eye and got us (and a lot of others) thinking, was the line on the receipt for a "live music tip." In an age where myriad small-time DJs and musicians find themselves playing for little more than free drinks or a minuscule percentage of the door draw, we can't help but think this is the best possible idea to give deserving local guys an extra boost. Forget a tip jar, this eliminates the questionably sus look of having one in the booth in the first place, as well as offering the consumer privacy to decide how much to tip the performers - if they even want to at all. It's a win for everyone, assuming the tips end up in the artists' pocket at the end of the night. All this said, we want to hear from you: is this a way you'd prefer to help pay your local DJ... or is this just a hair too thirsty?