Joker is one of those producers that the mainstream continually sleeps on. He's making timeless music, and pretty much fathered his own style of synth work. Though his catalog is absolutely ridiculous, he's still getting billed as support when he touches down in the U.S. due to a completely average social media following.  And, believe me, we get it.  There's no PR giant behind him, and he doesn't really seem to care about much more than making dope tunes.  But when we look back in 10 years, we're still going to be shaking our heads at how breathtaking his work once was.  This new one, simply titled "Digital Mainframe," starts off as a piano ballad, and builds into a mind-blowing futuristic bass anthem.  And while you're waiting for your music player of choice to load (this download has been offered as a .WAV and you should do yourself the favor of not listening on SoundCloud), I highly suggest you check the Instagram clip that I placed below the audio embed.  It's video clip of the final record that he played at his performance at Plastician's Terrorrhythm showcase at Barcelona during SXSW. I believe that's Brent Tactic saying "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS RECORD." And while we have no official details or word, Joker hinted that he has an album dropping soon. We'll be sure to let you know about that the second that we do.