Joe Budden: "When I got my first major deal in 2001, I noticed there wasn't enough attention being paid to the new media side of things. I was trying to advocate that really early and now it seems like that's part of everyone's role now, to focus on social media and the blogs. Now it's like, I can pinpoint when my lyrics happen based on [the date of] the tweets. A lot of the context [for songs] on the blogs are strictly from tweets. You give it away. You can see how that's changed throughout the years.

"As an artist that's part of my job, to try and stay ahead of the curve. I couldn't have the fanbase and the appreciation I do online without mentioning the relationship over the years. My following has grown immensely [since Love and Hip Hop]. I couldn't have done any of it without social media. Things like my pool parties couldn't have popped off the way they did without Twitter and social media."