Jay Z isn't the type of guy you want to try and extort. Unfortunately, that is exactly what Chauncey Mahan recently tried to do. Apparently, Mahan was in possession of some of Hov's masters that were recorded between 1998 and 2002, which Jay and Roc-A-Fella presumed were lost. However, they've been sitting in Mahan's storage locker in California this entire time. After doing a quick search on Mahan, it appears that he has engineer credits for three Jay albums. The last being Collision Course, which was released in 2004.

This past Friday, Mahan attempted to cash in on the recordings, and called Live Nation to set up a deal with Jay to sell them back to him for $100k as a so called "storage fee." Mahan eventually agreed upon $75k for the recordings and set up a meeting with Hov's people. He didn't realize that the LAPD was waiting for him and eventually took him into custody for questioning. Mahan was not arrested, but Jay and his lawyers have filed a grand larceny complaint against him.

Update: Just Blaze sent some tweets out about working with Chauncey in the past:

[via TMZ]

UPDATE: Chauncey Mahan has responded to the allegations, saying that Hov was "a stupid kid smoking blunts." He also said that he had previously notified them that he had the masters, but only asked for money when he could no longer afford the stoarge fees.

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