Earlier today, I got an email with a remix of the iOS 7's default ringtone, "Opening." I wasn't tripping; I'd seen Vines where different remixes of this tone (which hasn't even been in our collective consciousness for a year) were being used. I just thought it was crazy that I hadn't seen more remixes of this in the dance music realm. There's something that's inviting and familiar to this tone. And if you're anywhere near a grip of "regular people" (you know, the kind of people who aren't changing their ringtones on the regular), you've heard this tone more often than you realize. But imagine turning up to, say, YungKiiDD's Jersey club take on this ringtone? Or the subtle dubstep and electro reworks we've found? Just like there's a Rule #34, there has to be a rule out there about how easily it is to turn anything into a song... right?

Whatever the case may be, pimp out your ringtone game with these ready-made "Opening" remixes. Maybe at your next family gathering you can have someone call you and start going ham at the dinner table.