Time keeps on slipping, slipping. Into the future. At a certain point, it will piss you off. It doesn't matter how vital and important your contributions: eventually, history will leave you behind. Some suffer this fate worse than others, kicking and screaming the whole way. Some—say, Ludacris—will ride it out as long as they can, even popping back up again for moments of temporary relevance. A scant few—say, Jay Z—will ride long waves, shifting carefully as the winds of history blow. And most rarely, a couple legends have simply timeless styles, and will remain relevant as long as they stay busy—think Scarface. But in order to truly self-destruct in incredible fashion, refuse to adapt to changes technological or otherwise. Stick with what you've known, and run it into the ground as long as possible, like the former high school football player who can't forget that blessed senior season.