If you've been downloading everything that we offer up, you would have a small sampling of work from Chicago's Seablaze.  On top of a couple tunes that we've placed in our Hidden Gems roundups, we hosted a VIP of his tune "Tetra Master." as well as a collaborative tune with the godfather of Seapunk himself, Ultrademon. We also showed love to the Real Life compilation that Net Elite put together and High On Beats' Samsara Vol. 1, two incredible freebie releases that he's featured on.  But even beyond these free gems, his output as of late has been ridiculous.  We went back into his catalog and picked our favorite half dozen, which includes work featured by XLR8R, and an absolutely beautiful remix of Crystal Waters' "Gypsy Woman."  Feel free to load your DJ crates and iPhones up with downloadable goodies.  It's what the Half A Dozen and Hidden Gems series are all about.