One of the tributes people are trying to coordinate is getting Frankie Knuckles' classic "Your Love" to hit #1 on the charts. Easy enough, right? With the outpouring of love and admiration for Frankie this week, it shouldn't be an issue. The problem? Frankie has gone on the record saying he had no relationship with Trax Records, the company who originally released the record back in 1987. FACT noted that the people behind the FB campaign are asking that people willing to make this happen cop the reissue from Nocturnal Groove.

It's sad that it took a situation like this for the folks at Trax to speak out, but a press release from Trax's president, Screamin' Rachel, and ex-creative director Jorge Cruz, was released where they speak on meeting Frankie and what he meant to them. Rachel indicates that she'll be giving all of the monies collected from "Your Love" to either Frankie's estate or a charity. Jorge stands up against "fans" that he says "have not cared enough to pay attention to the things that have been going on with the label for almost over 10 years – some only care to listen to hearsay." After speaking his piece, he goes on to say that purchases of Frankie's music from the Trax Bandcamp page will go directly to Frankie's estate. Whichever way you cop it, celebrate Frankie's life.

Check out the full statement from both Rachel and Jorge down below: