One story we hate seeing is when a DJ or producer has to muster up the strength to post about losing their laptop, backpack, or whatever device currently holds their music. Why? Because rarely do we hear of a DJ or producer saying "it's OK, we have a backup." Luminox, Avicii, Mr. Carmack, Paper Diamond, Eats Everything, Keys N Krates, and countless others have had experiences in the last year involving stolen or missing equipment, and everything from their entire current music selection to forthcoming releases were potentially in no man's land. We don't want to see an artist's livelihood be squandered due to lack of backing up. It's spring time, and that means spring cleaning. It should also be one of the major spring back-up times for musicians and music fans alike. But how do you go about backing up your musical lives? We have some options for you, alongside the pros (and cons) of each. Take some time out, really plot out how much you're trying to keep and how secure or portable you want it to be, and choose wisely.