Hometown: Los Angeles

Twitter: @clppng

You should listen to: "five" 

Los Angeles’ noise-rap band, clipping., is one of the more experimental acts within hip-hop. They aim to make music as chaotic and loud as possible and they’ve mastered that execution with an impressively eclectic trio. Diggs is clipping.’s frontman who, instead of taking the first-person approach of most rap, takes an analytical outsider look into all things fucked up in the world.

Snipes—one of two producers—makes music for television and Hutson specializes in noise. clipping.’s appeal comes from these three members, while also from different vantage points, being able to make a finished product that sounds like it should have never worked. Diggs’ relentless speed-rapping meshes perfectly with the pure destruction that backs him (see “five”). The band’s debut album, CLPPNG is set to release on June 10th via Sub Pop.