Hometown: San Diego

Twitter: @AAANTWON

You should listen to: "Rain Dance"

Though he’s been making waves within the underground scene for a few years now, Antwon is still relatively unknown to those not paying attention to alt rap music. His music has gone through a few stages when it comes to how he’s classified. Some call it punk-rap, some deem it as cloud-rap and others chalk it up as just trying to channel the 90’s Cali boy, chill-life rap. Whatever the case, the San Diego-native is one to watch because of delivery, charisma (both on wax and on stage) and ability to be vulnerable.

Not wanting to be aligned with the ever-so-familiar larger-than-life machismo in rap, Twon focuses more on what comes to him naturally, being a lover. On tracks like “3rd World Girl” from last year’s In Dark Denim, he says things like, “Ah damn, I wish I was your main man/Cut cake, hold hands, kissing with no game plan/Laying in the bed, coochie made me quiver/I lay inside your love with your body in a river.” Think of him as the “dude next door” version of Drake, with less flexing. His next album Heavy Hearted In Doldrums in due out on May 6th and has a collab with Lil Ugly Mane, ”Rain Dance”, out now.