I guess I shouldn't be surprised; we got put on to Maxum at the age of 15. DJ Dwells is winning championships at the age of 13. Martin Garrix's "Animals" has gone platinum worldwide and he's not hit 18-years-old yet. But a 10-year-old EDM producer? Not something you hear about everyday. Oddly enough, his new single ("Tonight") pretty much sounds like "Animals," but what do you really expect a 10-year-old EDM producer to do, be innovative? Apparently his main influence has been his uncle, DJ Coleman, who is said to have "made his mark in the fashion world and high end events starting in the early 90’s." The Shap Music-signed "Tonight" is said to be hitting Beatport tonight, followed up by a "Tonight" remix EP. Dude's also opening for Mobb Depp in Hollywood, and also has gigs lined up at Lure Hollywood and Lavo in NY.

I'll admit, I'm not quite sure what is going on in the world when a 10-year-old EDM DJ is opening for Mobb Deep, but my son will be turning eight soon; I need to get him on Ableton ASAP.