No doubt one of my favorite discoveries of 2013 was London's Snakehips.  After hearing their summery smooth take on Bondax, their collaboration with George Maple (along with the edit), and of course the explosively euphoric "Make It," Snakehips became an instant favorite and act-to-watch for tastemakers and DJs alike. Now they've kicked off their 2014 with their take on The Weeknd and his track, "Wanderlust."

Remixing The Weeknd, as we have shown you, is a common thing. Not everyone can do it, but Snakehips smashed it.  The original is somewhat in line with some old school, darker Michael Jackson.  The Weeknd's falsetto voice glides over the original's dark disco beat as he croons about women and inhibitions, but the Snakehips remix is a bit different.  Instead of darker, more seductive vibes, Snakehips' take this and turn it into a summery sweet slow disco treat.  A bubbling bassline with skippin but easy rhythms, Snakehips' take stunning rework is just another example of why they need to be on your radar in 2014.

Oh and if you're in London on May 16, check out Snakehips' first headlining hometown show with their friends at Majestic Casual.