Scene from the movie: Virgil Robinson tells a crowd, "Through rap music evil influences have invaded our castles. Representatives of a demon culture that must be stopped at all costs."
Real life examples: Bill O'Reilly going after Luda, Nas, Jay, etc.

Right-wingers typically haven't been fans of rap music (publicly). They've tried to pigeonhole hip-hop as the opposite side of family values, and have largely run away from the culture on the whole, much to their detriment. And just as we see in CB4 with Virgil Robinson (Phil Hartman), a politician out to score points, rappers become an easy target. They use language the old White folks don't understand, they incite dancing and playful grabbing that the old White folks blanch at, and worst of all: the old White folks' kids like it!

While on the whole, the nation has undergone a Tanning (copyright Steve Stoute) over the last 20 years, there still is that segment of the population that watches Fox News in 2014 and runs for cover every time Bill O'Reilly freaks out about Jay Z and Beyoncé traveling to Cuba, or Common reading poetry at the White House.