Scene from the movie: Dead Mike wants to leave the group
Real life examples: Malice turning into No Malice

CB4 member Dead Mike was prescient in choosing his rap name, for he was reborn thanks to a spiritual awakening from Baa Baa Ack. The cleansing came at just the right time too: the hip-hop artist's lifestyle had become too much, and he needed to take a step back and focus on the non-material things, the most basic things, the godly things. This became a major fault line in the group that was CB4, and for a time, resulted in its demise.

Jump ahead 20 years, and another brother who found his real self went by Malice, of the rap group Clipse. After years of soul searching and conversations with the lord himself, Malice underwent a number of changes to his life, to his career, to his everyday dealings, and just as importantly, to his name, becoming No Malice. Today, he preaches his clear mind and heart through rap, and unfortunately won't sign off on a Clipse reunion. That said, if we're going by CB4's history, YOU NEVER KNOW!