Scene from the movie: When Gusto starts shooting up MC Gusto's car
Real life examples: Rick Ross' shooting incident

Children can play dress-up all they want, the gangs of Imagination Land never come gunning for your head. Less understanding are the real-life hustlers and bosses of the criminal underworld, who have lived the lives people fantasize about. And so when someone like—say, as an example—Rick Ross goes on and on about how he's just like Larry Hoover (the "chairman" of the Gangster Disciples), there exist many people who have a problem with that.

On his Black Bar Mitzvah mixtape, Ross used the six-pointed Jewish Star of David; maybe not-so-coincidentally, the GD's use the six-pointed star in their imagery, the pamphlets they hand out or whatever. They advised him to pay dues to the organization; he did not. Death threats were issued, repeatedly throughout late 2012. Concert dates were canceled. In January 2013, he was shot at in Fort Lauderdale. In February, the NYPD offered him round-the-clock protection. Similarly, MC Gusto quite literally took Gusto's identity...and a few of his bullets to the side of his car. Oh, and he had his house broken into. Is it still fun to play dress up when you have to wear a bulletproof vest?