Scene from the movie: MC Gusto talks with The Source reporter
Real life examples: Rick Ross' Noisey interview

There are so many ways for rappers to get out of interviews. Obviously the best-known tactic? Be super vague and run out the clock; stonewall with catchphrases and other empty words. ("At the end of the day" is especially popular.) In CB4, Dead Mike turns Afrocentric and MC Gusto turns antagonistic, accusing the female interviewer of being a slut. ("Man, she ain't nuttin' but a groupie with a pen.") He walks off. In 2014, the best way to duck questions is to say you're done.

When Noisey's Ernest Baker attempted to segue Rick Ross into talking about his complicated relationship with Reebok, the conversation was finished as soon as it had begun:

Baker: Nah, a n***a had Rees in like middle school, when the Pumps came out, I know what it's about.
Ross: Yeah, classic. [Handler to Def Jam employee, when I'm obviously about to start talking about the controversy and him losing his endorsement: You got the next one?] Much love. Great interview. Wish you much success.
Baker: Yeah, man. Same. You don't have time for a couple more questions?
Ross: We got a couple n***as waiting, man.

Clearly, the best way to end an interview now is to end an interview right now.