I always feel weird when people feel like they need to "dispel rumors" when there aren't that many "rumors" out there. In case you missed it, yesterday we reported that Tiesto had to be taken to the hospital due to an injury he suffered at the 99.7 NOW Electric Bounce House show, an injury that occurred during the intro of his set. We're not sure what "weird rumors" were going around about Tiesto's injury, but today Tiesto tweeted this TMZ article that practically says the same thing a number of outlets had already said.

In any case, last night Tiesto tweeted that he had an accident and suffered a concussion, which meant he had to pull out of his show in LA last night. He also thanked his fans for the positive vibes and well wishes. Good to know he's OK, and hopefully when he gets back on the road, something like this doesn't happen again. Maybe he has to get some lights back there so he can see where he's going.