Event: Noisey Brisk Bodega Showcase

This particular showcase was the second time I had seen Migos at SXSW. The first time I saw them they walked into a building while Rich The Kid performed, smoked a bunch of weed and vacated the premises after fifteen minutes. And, for what it's worth, they did the same thing the third time I saw them the next day. In this instance, it wasn't that Migos were particularly great live performers (maybe they are?), but their songs are so hype that they don't have to be animated.

I suppose they were booked for so many shows they needed to conserve their finesse, at least that's what I'm telling myself. Still, enough Lonestars and Brisk tea/juice in the system and it could have been cardboard cutouts of them or a projection screen showing the 1986 movie ¡Three Amigos!, and it wouldn't have mattered. The turn up was inevitable. Just keep playing those beautiful Migos tunes.