With so many celebrity DJs out there doing it (badly), it's hard to get excited when a new one pops up. So over the last four years, it's been pretty easy to not give a shit when word came of Hulk Hogan's son Nick Hogan had become a DJ. Nick got turntables from his sister Brooke, and spent $400 having a DJ teach him how to mix. This lead to him opening for DJ Pauly D (your girl's favorite DJ) and Hardwell, playing everywhere from San Francisco Pride Festivals and at LIV in Miami, and ultimately the recent release of his debut single, "Everybody's Doing It."

Seriously. The track is drenched in acid, by design: "It was really fun to make! I was inspired by a lot of acidic sounds while I was producing this and thought to myself, " man everybody's doing that right now so this has to really be great". I wanted to give it my own style and named it Everybody's Doing It as a nod to everyone that inspired me!" Now, we can't front on someone being inspired, but we'd hope that anyone trying to make it as a legit producer would shy away from a particular sound "because everybody's doing it." Most people see EDM as a cash grab, and having a track like "Everybody's Doing It," with that cheesy dialogue in the middle? C'mon fam. That originality is as much of a key factor as having whatever you think will pacify crowds. You're a DJ? Challenge the masses.

What is interesting is seeing Nick's love for EDM and his love for sneakers colliding; we know that he actually turned Hulk Hogan into a sneakerhead, but seeing Nick Instagram his kicks and a couple of NGHTBRND tees was pretty cool. Maybe he'll have Hulk featured on a track... or he can just leave the proper pro wrestling/EDM connection to Zema Ion. Time will tell if Nick will continue to do what everyone's doing or will shine on his own.

Although interestingly enough, he was on that trap wave last year. Check out his collaboration with Louisiana Jones, "We Was Fuckin'":

(Pulse Radio)