While out in Austin, Texas for SXSW a few weeks back, Vic Mensa linked up with Nardwuar the Human Serviette for a lengthy chat about Chicago, his failed deal with Atlantic Records, and Dilla's (R.I.P.) choice of baggy clothes.

Narduar also asks Vic about Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who owns a mansion just a few blocks down from where the Chicago rapper lived in Hyde Park. Turns out, the religious leader wasn't so giving around Halloween time, and Vic still holds that against him to this day. "I don't really fuck with Farrakhan like that 'cause there's some shady things in his past. And he never came out ever and gave kids candy on Halloween," Mensa says. "I understand if he don't support it, but I always just felt some kind of way as a kid that Farrakhan had the biggest motherfucking house, and it looked like a goddamn palace, and he wouldn't give nobody no candy on Halloween."

Check out the full clip above.

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