Few tracks have come along in the past five years like Swedish vocalist Mapei's "Don't Wait." It's like a perfect coda to the past ten years of the underground-to-mainstream rise of hipster ideology. Baile funk-influenced like what started this whole thing with Bonde do Role and M.I.A., its slowest of roads to mainstream respect also mirrors the slow roads taken by folks like A-Trak, Diplo, and so many more. Thus, after causing a quiet riot upon being released five months ago, and after being officially remixed by the likes of Kingdom, Giraffage and Cranks (and unofficially edited by the Smalltown DJs) we reach a point where (in a familiar tradition with a precedent of M.I.A's "Paper Planes") it was time for a rapper to join the party. And, hot on the heels of work with the likes of James Blake and Skrillex, there's likely very few better options than Chicago-born emcee Chance the Rapper. As much as he's young, he's also quite often lovelorn in his raps, and thus, this "remix" by Social Experiment works. EDM-as-rap doesn't necessarily have to involve dropping the bass as much as it involves being so beautiful that it drops your heart down to your knees.