I can't help but imagine a lunch meeting where someone in a suit says "Kylie Minogue still has a bad ass body but she's 45 now, so let's throw her in a leotard and purposefully fail to zoom in on her face."

And that was a complete fail, in my opinion.  Set in a gym, Minogue rocks heels and promotes healthy living in the sexiest way possible, thrusting her hips on an exercise ball and showing her flexibility on a pommel horse.  This Australian star has battled through breast cancer, stardom, and time, and still looks absolutely amazing.  And though this is more of a crossover record than I usually cover, we love to applaud a survivor.  This was produced by The Monsters & The Strangerz, who have credits on records for Cher Lloyd, Diddy, Rihianna, Carly Rae Jepsen, Kanye West, and Big Sean, and leans lightly on dubstep synths for a largely pop record.  You can also check out Sexercize.tv, where you will find crazy art, videos, horoscopes, and a wide array of additional random content.