For many of today's EDM fans, Kraftwerk are one of those groups that you hear and having to understand are important, but they probably don't get (or care to get) their relevance. For a group that's been around 1970, to see them doing things like recently embarking on an entirely new tour, it's great to see them still chugging along. And while the music you'll hear in this recently-unearthed TV performance is more along the lines of the trippiest of psychedelic rock from that era, this is in fact an early incarnation of Kraftwerk (featuring founding members Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider) playing a 48-minute set on the German music show Rockpalast. There are definitely noise-y elements, with all kinds of manipulated flutes, stringed instruments, and guitars being fed into the machine and feeling similar to the more chilled, laid back elements of Random Access Memories. Real 8-track, cross-country vibes.