The term "Baltimore club legend" gets tossed around a great deal, so much so that it may cheapen the power of the term. However, when discussing a producer like DJ Technics, the term is absolutely apt and deserved. Foremost, he's the creator of the remix of The Marvelettes' "Please Mr. Postman," along with a seemingly innumerable collection of his own original cuts. More than likely, these tracks point to what many consider the classic style and essence of the sound. In his near three decades as a DJ and producer, he's done much more than excel at club, as typical to so many Baltimore producers, he's become a staple at making both edits and his own original creations not just in club, but in house as well.

For Turntable Lab's 24th edition of its radio program, Technics joined host Prince Klaasen and mixed Baltimore club hits both classic and modern live at the company's headquarters in Manhattan's East Village. Having just played the night before with Washington, DC deep house and techno giants Beautiful Swimmers, the mix showcases the formidable dance floor flavor of the style. Roughly 50+ minutes in length, it's definitely worth multiple listens, and if wondering about where Baltimore club fits into the evolution of where bass music is headed, checking in at the root of the sound is probably the best idea.