Oftentimes, the best tracks make the most sense when what sounds ideal in theory becomes magnificent in execution. Paris, France-based house producer Kartell has quickly amassed a significant following by establishing a formula built around funky live DJ sets, production erring toward sultry down-tempo grooves and a significant presence in the blogosphere. Thus, given his production pedigree, remixing oft-sampled (Snoop Dogg's mid-90s classic "G's and Hustlas" owes a debt of gratitude to Wright's "Haboglabotriblin'") jazz fusion funkateer Bernard Wright's 1981 single "Just Chillin' Out" would have incredible possibilities. In execution, the just released (and free-to-download remix of the Billboard charting '80s pop-jazz tune meets expectations. Kartell's loop-driven take is sexy, swinging and thumping ride.