Earlier this week, we got to see how Avicii's living (at least when he's in LA). Now for good or ill, that's what true monetary success in today's EDM scene looks like. Now we're not saying that's something we rock with, but if you're looking to be a world-traveling DJ, amassing six figures (or more) every time you hit the decks, operating like Avicii would be the easiest way to do it. Now one way to do it is to link up with Madonna in-studio for what'll surely be an interesting pop-EDM workout, another would be to get folks like Sick Individuals to remix your latest single. If you're into that turbo-charged, main room-ready house music, this is what you want. Remixes like this are what the Ultra Music Festival is made of, for good or ill. Again, you can make a solid living marching to the beat of your own drum (and truthfully we prefer that), but the blueprint for massive EDM success is out there, and it's name is Avicii. This remix is out on March 11.