Sampling indie pop singers is the power move, as it adds a fresh element to songs in a market plagued by repetition.  Nashville's Super Duper seems to have figured out the formula, and leaned on hometown homie Amy Stroup for vocals on his latest, which folds her beautiful voice into an uplifting trap tune.  The original was slept on, and the resurrection is not only an amazing display of camaraderie, but an amazing way to give a great song a facelift.  But as I dive deeper into Super Duper's catalog, there's no shortage of these sexy trap vibes, and it's all pretty incredible.  He has a strong sense of musicality but gives it just the right about of flare and thump to make it palatable for the masses.  I have my eye on this one.  In the meantime, you can stream this tune, or download via SuperDuper's Facebook app by clicking the "Buy" link below.