It's not often where, just by seeing the artists involved with a track, I let out an audible "WOW!" at DAD HQ. Heads probably know that it's something real, but I get odd looks all the same. This right here is a blessing, though. Alix Perez, DJ Rashad, and DJ Spinn... all on the same track!? Insanity. We know the UK scene is messing with the footwork sound heavy, but Alix Perez is a different breed. Sure, he came from the dnb scene, but he's been experimenting outside of that sound for a bit. This cut right here is a brilliant piece of intergalactic bass music. It never delves fully into a footworkout, but it doesn't have to; this is all about establishing that next-level, bass-driven groove and keeping it pushing. This is a previously-unreleased freebie, but expect more collabs between Perez, Rashad, and Spinn on Alix's U EP, which is out on April 7 via dBridge's Exit imprint.