Album: Lil Boosie and Webbie, Gangsta Musik (2003)

A theory: there are no bad songs called "Trouble Man." No, this isn't a cover of Marvin Gaye's classic, although it belongs in the pantheon too. The sequel to Ghetto Stories, Gangsta Musik was another outing for Boosie and Webbie as a fierce Baton Rouge tag-team, although much as it would be throughout his career, Boosie narrowly dodged having a smash under his own name, as Webbie's creep anthem "Give Me That" ended up being the album's runaway hit.

But Boosie's work on the album stands up a bit better overall, particularly "Trouble Man." With twin blues guitar licks wrapping themselves around Boosie's vocals as he weaves a story, he wrestles with the contradictions of success and struggle, hopelessly reaching to escape the archetype he's filling, drawn inexorably towards his fate: "I tell my momma I'm gon' change but I'm gon' be the same/It's understood that I'm a trouble man."