You know how it goes: a song goes big, and then everyone wants to remix it. It makes sense; just like 50 Cent rose to prominence by flipping popular instrumentals on his mixtapes, EDM producers show their prowess by remixing the popular tracks of the day. Usually, we try to shy away from the obvious, but I can't help it: I want to see how many remixes of "Find You" we get. Earlier today, Zedd uploaded the acapella to his latest single for free. I'd personally love to see what you guys do with the track. So how about this: you remix Zedd's "Find You" in any genre you wish. Send a completed remix in 320kbps MP3 format to (attach it to the email or send a private SoundCloud link). Make sure the subject of the email is "DAD FIND YOU UNOFFICIAL REMIX SUBMISSION." I'll pick the best 10 and feature them on the Do Androids Dance SoundCloud page. Have your submissions in by Friday, March 14 at 6PM EST. Happy remixing!