The problem with the term EDM, aside from the fact that people who only like saying "dance music" thinking that EDM = "festival-ready electro house" is the fact that because the electronic music scene is so broad, people don't really take the time to explore. If you shift a few BPMs up or down, or change the drum pattern, you can end up in a totally new zone, unable to sort out how you got there... and that's the beauty of electronic music. At DAD we're always trying to make sure we're supporting the lesser-represented sounds, and can find ourselves sitting on an island, hearing all of these intriguing genres and not really understanding how others could sleep on these vibes, especially here in the United States.

Are you adventurous? Do you mess with dance music but are tired of the same ol' sounds? Here are some genres that have either laid the groundwork for what's going on today, or are currently bursting with life but not getting proper play from many of today's EDM fans. Here are the most underappreciated electronic music genres.