Last week, we put you onto the PAINTED Black show that kicks off during NY Fashon Week on Thursday, February 13. At the time, we showed our appreciation for Matte trying to take it there. One of the featured acts on that show is Berlin's Thomas Azier, who we recently featured via his track “Hylas,” which taken from his forthcoming Hylas release. The words “dark” and “brooding” are two words that are used to describe Azier, and the video for “Verwandlung” perfectly wraps up everything we’ve seen associated with Azier. A dark, brooding tale full of suspense and blood that’s as electronic as it is artistic, the video for “Verwandlung” isn’t your typical electronic music video fodder, but Azier’s not your typical electronic music artist. Make sure the lights are on while you watch.

And speaking of PAINTED Black, we have a pair of tickets for a lucky android to go to the show. Just send an email to with the subject THOMAS AZIER PAINTED BLACK with your first and last name by 4PM EST.