Nashville rapper Starlito has been putting out music for a decade, and, for much of that time, he's seemed like he's only a hit away from breaking out onto a bigger level, a perennially overlooked critical favorite. For those who have been sleeping on Starlito as he continues his steady run, he has a simple message: You're keeping him up at night.

"I can't sleep 'til they stop sleeping on me," he raps on the Ready Rob-produced cut "Insomnia Addict" from his November album Fried Turkey. The video finds 'Lito sitting alone in his four-cornered room staring at alarm clocks or meandering around town in a series of exhaustion- and drug-fueled hallucinations.

Lyrically, it's funny, with punchlines like "on that loud, call it Gilbert Gottfried" and insights into 'Lito's life, like his taste for both Beanie Sigel and the Phil Collins Pandora station, but it's also occasionally heartbreaking ("Pour out a little lean for all the young kings that never seen they princesses turn into queens," 'Lito raps at one point). In other words, it's a classic blend of slept-on Starlito charm. Help the man get some rest and check the video out above.

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