Squarepusher is a name that doesn't translate for anyone new to this "EDM" culture. He aligned with Warp Records in 1997, and in the 10 years that followed, he dropped nine full releases (and produced one of my favorite records of all time). His pace has slowed down a bit, his marketing and internet presence is pretty horrible (2,000 followers on Twitter and 5,000 on SoundCloud), and though he's been touring pretty consistently and remains forever legendary to anyone that has been in this game for a minute, his name doesn't ring bells in the mainstream at all.

That might change really quickly. Squarepusher teamed with a team of Japanese roboticists and producer Kenjiro Matsuo to create a composition played completely by robots. It was showcased last September, was largely slept on, and is insane. Fact Mag announced that Squarepusher rounded back with this team to complete four additional records for an EP called Music For Robots that's slotted to drop in April on Warp. We can't wait to see how he tours with this project. Peep the video of the automated performance of "Sad Robot Goes Funny," and keep it locked here for updates.