Roland has been teasing an updated 808 and 909 for months, but they dropped the bomb on us today that the 808 and 909 will be combined into one instrument called the TR-8.  This machine will be premiered at the Brighton Music Conference on April, as well as a new vocal transformer called the Roland VT-3, and a new 25-note synthesiser / controller hybrid called the System 1.  The 303 has been recreated as well, and is now called the TR-3.

And while every other website is sharing this one video of "The Evolution of the 808," they completely overlooked another one that's sitting on Roland's YouTube page that actually shows musicians actually testing the new product.  The 808 and 909 are two of the most influential beat machines of all time, and to see this fresh face is absolutely incredible for any music nerds. The only thing that might compare is someone getting E-MU to re-release the SP-12.